Come Away With Me


Chorus 1
Come out, beloved, my little dove
All consuming is my longing for you
For sweet is your voice and so lovely your face
Come out, beloved, come away with me!

Verse 1
The flowers are springing up
And song birds are singing out
The season of passion and love is here.
The fruit trees are budding
And the grapevines are blooming
The fragrance of new life fills the air.

Chorus 2
Rise up, beloved, my beautiful one
Altogether fair, there is no flaw in you.
With one glance of your eyes, you captured my heart.
Rise up, beloved, come away with me!

Verse 2
The cold ground is thawing and
The wild geese are calling.
The winter is over and springtime is here.
The robins are showing up and
Green grass is growing up
The stirring of new life is felt in our land

Chorus 3
Draw near, beloved, betrothed unto me.
I belong to you and you belong to me.
The day of our wedding feast soon will be here
Draw near, beloved, come away with me!

Verse 3
The sunlight is stronger
And the daylight is longer.
The darkness of night is now fading away.
The river is flowing
And a fresh wind is blowing
Rebirth and revival awaken our land.

Come away, beloved, oh come away with me!
Come away with me.

Words and Music © 2020 Constance Smith. All rights reserved. Use by permission.

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Registration information:
Scripture Reference:Song of Solomon, Holy Bible
CCLI number:7147315
Song themes:Bride of Christ, Beloved, Revival, Renewal
Story behind the song:read it
ISMN:979-0-53013-002-5 (paper)
979-0-53014-002-4 (e-pdf)
ISRC number: CA76D-20-00002
SOCAN work number: A2478631