Safely Home: Healing Songs is a collection of 18 songs chosen to encourage those who find themselves feeling down and out and needing hope in their lives. Beautifully illustrated with carefully chosen background photos.

          The following songs are included:
  • Come to the Fountain
  • Don't Mess With Me
  • He's Never Gonna' Send Me Away
  • No Condemnation
  • Don't Let Your Heart Be Troubled
  • In the Shadow of Your Wings
  • My Soul is Weary
  • The Lord is Near
  • Trust in the Lord (for He is Faithful)
  • Wonderful Healer
  • When I Struggle
  • When Nights Are Hard
  • Calm the Storm
  • Work in My Heart
  • O Lord God of Israel
  • Always I Am With You
  • Cast All Your Cares
  • Safely Home
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Safely Home: Healing Songs comes in 2 editions: Lyrics edition & Words and Music edition.
You may download the whole booklet as a (Adobe) PDF file, just choose your edition:
    Lyrics (size: 1.6MB)
   Words and Music (size: 4.2MB).
Enjoy your read!

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