There’s so much I want to do today
I don’t know where I should begin
I’m not sure where I’m going
I’m not sure where I’ve been
Already I am tired
Though I’ve not yet done one thing
How can I make it through this day
I’m really wondering

In the midst of all my worry
As my day I tried to plan
I heard the fathers invitation
Reach up and take my hand
Together we will walk
I’m looking forward to this day will spend

My child let me lead you
Look upon me with your face
My child I will help you
For sufficient is my grace
I am all you’re looking for
And in me you will find
The strength to meet the challenges
That are troubling the mind

Considering my father’s words
I have peace within my heart
In all that will occur this day
I know my father has a part
With my hand in his
Together we will walk
I’m looking forward to this day we’ll spend

Is there much you want to do today
You don’t know where you should begin
Reach up and take the father’s hand
Open your heart and let him in
Trust in the lord with all your heart
Don’t rely on what you know
In all your ways and knowledge him
Straight will be the path he shows

ISBN: 978-0-9781067-8-2