I Will Rest in Your Embrace

A poem by Constance Smith

Weighted down with great sadness that I could not explain, I sat in deepest gloom.
Life seemed only a cycle of hurt, an endless loop of pain.
Tired and downcast, I felt devoid of hope.

Then, into my gloom, God shone a shaft of hope.
He spoke words of kindness to my weary soul.
He gently cupped my chin in His hands and bid me look into His face.
How can it be?! He’s kneeling at my feet – the King of glory is on His knees?!
His eyes are full of love! Oh, such grand love!
My thirsty soul drinks it in; great draughts of it.
He fills me up and strengthens me.
We walk together, hand in hand.
We talk together, heart to heart.
Now I know He loves me so.

Oh, keep me close, dear Saviour.
Longing of my heart, may I yearn only for You.
I am prone to be distracted by the darkness;
Help me fix my eyes on You.
You woo and win me; every step of the way.
Draw me closer, I want to hear Your voice.
Hold me tighter and I will rest in Your embrace.

When sadness returns and sorrow mounts
It shall not overtake me
It will not overwhelm me
I will not drown.
My strength shall remain
My God will sustain
Me – for You are my hope.
I will rest in Your embrace.

ISBN: 978-0-9781067-6-8