I Am God's Treasure

A poem inspired by Carole Dale, my Christian sister
I can't say that yet, I still need more time
To unwind my thoughts, to get them in line
Apparently some things that I think of me
Aren't really true and never will be.
My enemies planted wrong ideas in my head
I'd turn them over and over as I lay in my bed
They said I was dirty and trashy and cheap
Such unkind words; inside I would weep
I was wounded and broken, ragged and torn
Tormented and restless, emotionally worn
I could not rest, for the pain ran quite deep
Like a fissure in rock, and robbed me of sleep.

Finally I came to the end of myself.

Then God sent a helper who came to my side
Put her arm around me and held on while I cried
"God wants you alive, that's why you're not dead.
He loves you dearly," she gently said.
"He made you special," my new friend told me
"You are His treasure, and always will be.
The pain and the hurt that trouble you so,
He understands fully and perfectly knows.
He can heal you and mend you and make you whole
From your head to your heels, your mind and your soul."

I pondered her words; I gave them much thought.
Could God give me the love and the healing I sought?
I can say I believe Jesus died for my sin
And that I've opened my heart to Him and said, "Come in."
So why is it so hard to speak this out loud,
"I am God's treasure; of me He is proud"?

I must admit;
Sometimes I don't truly believe what I say;
My faith can waver even from day to day.
I need God's Spirit to give me the trust
That what He says is true, no matter what.
Now whether I'm happy or feeling quite low
I say, "I am God's treasure, yes, He loves me so."

ISBN: 978-0-9781067-4-4