About SteadyElm Music

tree Blessed is the man
whose delight is in the law
of the Lord.
He is like a tree planted
by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season.
Whatever he does prospers.
from Psalm 1: 1-3

Many of the songs in the collection of SteadyElm Music have their roots in the Bible. Trees that are planted by streams of water will grow deep roots and stand tall and straight. When storms come, they will remain steady and unmoving. So, also, those who look to the Lord and put their trust in Him will be able to weather the difficulties of life and stand firm.
At SteadyElm Music, we hope you'll find uplifting songs to encourage you and heartfelt songs that may strike a chord with where you are at.

We offer songs from artist Constance Smith.

Tell us about yourself, Constance

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Tell us about your music

Music has always been a special joy to me. While still a child I enjoyed classical guitar and piano lessons. When I was a teenager, our church's youth pastor allowed me to play guitar along with him at our youth group meetings.
In the fall of 1999, I was a volunteer at an inner city outreach. I was enjoying coffee and conversation with some of the people who lived downtown. I had put my name on my styrofoam coffee cup (we were re-using our cups, trying to be more environmentally friendly). Just for fun, I put "songwriter" after my name. The night before I had written a song which, for me back then, was not a common thing. In my mind, people who wrote music were quite special and rare. I thought it must be wonderful to have the gift to create tunes and poetic verse and weave them together to create a song! As far as I was concerned, that would only happen to me in my dreams.
Pastor Jim, the director at the outreach, was nearby. I called him over and showed him my cup. He smiled and said, "May it be so." God heard his simple prayer and blessed me with more than I could dream.

I enjoy playing: guitars (acoustic, electric and bass), piano (and electronic keyboards), recorder (and tin whistles and pennywhistles), and drums (and percussion). Sometimes I get out my harmonicas, violin, clarient or cow bells - genuine cow bells. I heard one of my fellow music team members at church wish for a cowbell. I found some cowbells for sale in town (there are some advantages to living in a rural area) and brought them to practice. He had a good laugh because the cowbell that he was talking about is a drum kit cowbell and not a real cowbell; quite a different animal.
I compose both lyrics and music i.e. melody and accompaniment. I write down on paper and/or enter the songs into my computer using notation programs e.g. Encore (by Passport Music Software). In the beginning, the auto-accompaniment on my Yamaha keyboard was good inspiration; it had a number of different styles of music e.g. reggae, hip-hop and jazz. I also found music generation software e.g. Band-in-a-Box (by PG Music) to be helpful. I have used my computer to record some of my songs. You can read and listen to them at soundclick.com.
Lately I have been trying to think "outside the box"; for example, using different chord progressions. In the future, I would like to experiment with rhythms.

Sometimes I create videos of my songs. Here is a fun, upbeat song that will get your toes tapping and your hands clapping! It is called "Trustworthy Through and Through." To watch it, click on the picture: it is an mp4 file and should open in a separate window

Trustworthy Through and Through song video

I wanted to be "God's musician," writing songs and playing with the worship team at church for Him. Then I realized that might also entail helping a neighbour learn to play their new guitar; entertaining at the local fair, at a homeless shelter or at a nursing home. Who said being a musician is boring? Not!
Recently, however, it occurred to me that my desire to be God's musician was slightly misguided. "Musician" refers to what I do, not who I am. More correctly, I am God's daughter. I have come to realize that, not only am I blessed to have food, shelter and clothes; I am blessed because I belong to God. What love - that God calls me His child! [see 1 John 3:1] Here is a poem along those lines: "I Am God's Treasure."

is the motto of SteadyElm Music. We strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ. We ask, "What would Jesus do?"
Wherever you are at in relationship to God, may this music touch your heart and be a blessing to you.